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Los Alisos S.T.E.M. Magnet Middle School

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Welcome to Los Alisos Middle School - STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Magnet.
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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Los Alisos Middle School is a multicultural community that represents both the high standards set by the school district and the values of the family.  All students are expected to accept responsibility for their own actions by:

  • Demonstrating appropriate and acceptable behavior…
  • on the way to and from school; on or off the school campus at all school  activities.
  • toward other students, school personnel, and visitors to campus.
  • while at snack and lunch, in the cafeteria and in food lines.
  • by walking in a safe and orderly manner to and from classrooms.
  • by refraining from inappropriate language and unsafe physical behavior.
  • Attending class on time and everyday:
  • Valid written (or verbal) excuses from the parent or guardian will be given to the school attendance clerk or designee.
  • Showing respect for school property and the personal   property of others.
  • Property will not be defaced, damaged, or destroyed.
  • Prompt payment will be made for any damaged property, school texts, or  library books.
  • Complying with the NLMUSD uniform dress code and school dress code regulations approved by the Shared Decision Making Council (SDMC). 
  • Complying with all laws of the State of California:
    • No possession, sale, or distribution of tobacco, any controlled substance (i.e. marijuana narcotics, alcohol or intoxicants.)
    • No possession or distribution of “look alike” drug substances or drug paraphernalia.
    • No possession or use of lethal weapons (including) explosive devices.
    • No possession or use of a “look alike” lethal weapon.
    • No participation in any form of hazing, harassment, or sexual harassment.
    • No participation in any illegal activities that may be associated with a gang or tagging group.
    • No threats of physical violence toward a student or school employee.
  • Following school rules and safety regulations:
    • Possession of all necessary school supplies, materials, and work.
    • Permission of teacher or supervisor to be out of class.
    • Complete appropriate form for taking medicines at school.
    • No use of rollerblades, skates, bicycles, or skateboards on campus at any time.
    • No “gang” or “tagger” writing on books, notebooks, or backpacks.
    • No gum on campus at any time.
    • Cell phones must be on silent mode during class. 
  • Following the directions of school and district personnel while at school, school activities, or on school buses.